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Why Africa Must #EndChildMarriage Now



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To Serve or Not To Serve!

Seeing the tweet from my tweep @GanyobiOko sent me down memory lane, I recall experiences of me volunteering long long ago – how time flies… I started volunteering when I was a child- the impact though small was worth it because it was and has always been a win-win. Church, School and NGO’s – including Blogging Ghana have all giving room for me to be part of a process that engaged, exposed me to issues worth addressing, educated, entertained, groomed me and helped grow my colleagues, friends and networks. Reciting memory verses, reading and quoting from the Bible? Joining the junior choir; moving to youth choir when I left Sunday school and being part of the Church choir was amazing.  The drama and dance club in primary school; debating and joining the school choir at junior secondary school too offered opportunities to shape my public speaking and skill of self-confidence. I served as class captain for two years and handed over because I had received a higher calling- Assistant Boys Prefect, my leadership and organizational skills were put to test, extra groomed for life and the world of work.

In an Interview with the BeBold  TV show crew on Volunteering at #BlogCamp13!

In an Interview with the Be Bold TV show crew on Volunteering at #BlogCamp13!

My association with the Curious Minds Ghana – “Children and Youth in Broadcasting” strengthened and built my intellect even more on broad issues of self, community, national and global development, I am indeed grateful to our Coordinator Mr. Kingsley Obeng Kyere and fellow colleagues especially the GEMS team for the positive peer-effect that has transformed and inspired others like myself- in and out of the organization. I owned a copy of Ghana’s Children’s Act 560- given to me by my Auntie, renowned broadcaster Mama Araba Otsuwaa – all I knew in there that made some sense then was who a child is. Listening to “unique curious minds” that aired and keeps airing on Uniiq 95.7 MHz and was wowed by my age-mates and even younger ones talking about rights and marrying them with responsibilities, quoting from the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child and other legal frameworks Ghana had embraced to ensure the best for its future today. My good friend Rudolph Tulasi who was a member, took me to one of their meetings, I enjoyed every bit of the discussions- BIG TALK! It didn’t end there oo… it followed with a BIG WALK! Imagine me in the Uniiq FM studios of the Ghana Broadcasting Cooperation (GBC), advocating with a team on radio for better conditions for young people in Ghana…

Inspiring Younger ones by Volunteering with "Hold-A-Hand"

Inspiring Younger ones by Volunteering with “Hold-A-Hand”

Will tell you more about the “CMExpereince” in another blog post! In short I have transitioned from member, to advocating actively and contributing to policy and analyzing them in Ghana and abroad, to assisting in production, manning the console during live sessions at Obonu and Uniiq FM, collating views across the globe and managing social media platforms, organizing in school chapter sessions, acquiring journalism and basic communication skills on the job, representing the organization at meetings and on other bigger networks- home and away from home, I DIDN’T PAY A PESEWA. All these and many more for VOLUNTEERING, staying committed to the cause and learning from all encounters- both good and bad… oh yes, it hasn’t been all glowing – I just didn’t let the intimidations get me down- we are all partners in the development process, we all have something to offer- no matter how small, it all adds to the “world we want”. If many young people see volunteering as I have- we’d solve many challenges in many sectors of our economy, volunteering to teach will sharpen your skills as a teacher- the community and students benefit too… contributing to growing Ghana’s human resource. In farming- you will contribute to feeding plenty mouths and acquiring skills to start your own agri-business. I am communicating well with you now because of my volunteering background! Note- time spent volunteering is never wasted, why? You touch lives, contribute to development – and improve yours too… don’t worry about cash- it will come in due time. So “No Financial Gain? – No Pain”  “The best way to learn on the job is to volunteer- FREE work experience”.


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Meet Dwain Lucktung- as Promised!

I had observed him with keen interest in the last days of the Mali Youth Summit as he updated the world on what was happening at Bamako. I couldn’t help but ask for some time with him to coach me on blogging. I interrupted his swim time with the rest of the team and I couldn’t believe he was sitting next to me, equipping me with tips to successful blogging, Dwain Lucktung is he.

Ghanabakwamena and Dwain Pose for a shot!

A close look at his blog bio will get you thinking- Really? But YEAH! Dwain is a 24/7 hustler- believe it or not…lols! He mentioned that was the truth- I admire his sincerity, makes me wanna admit I’m err mm …hahahahaha! Dwain stated a person must know what he/she stood for when blogging. I wasn’t surprised when he asked “What do you blog about?” I replied, “…mostly Issues from my world of advocacy & activism, Nokia and interesting stuff I come across…” he liked it and advised I remain focused, also “…give your readers a reason to keep coming back for more.” The truth is- Dwain attempted to give me a hands-on experience but the Link at Hotel Massaley, Bamako wouldn’t permit because it wasn’t functional- a piece of advice to the hotel: “PLEASE CHECK IT & FIX THE PROBLEM”, the link back at the main arena for the event was soooo sssssloooooow it took ages for many participants to connect with the rest of the world most of the time.

Dwain shared lots of Vital FREE Information with me, from; Starting and sustaining a Blog, types of blogs, Tittle and Content, How to share links and get your blog read, hyperlinking, pictures, through to- Design of your Blog esp. colours, comments, updating you blog as often as possible- at least two or three times a month etc. oh!, and Hashtags. Talk of tags- I have Dwain’s Summit Tag, he was outta Mali before I could return it- I’m keeping it- at least I have something that reminds me of one of my favourite bloggers and mentor! Whaaaaat? I couldn’t believe my ears when he mentioned he was still learning to be a better blogger.

He advised I read a lot- especially other blogs. I check his blog out whenever I get online- wanna know what Dwain just posted? Click here: D-W-A-I-N . Dwain got me falling in love with blogging all over again and stirred up some fire… so sad my laptop wasn’t around- you would have read this item long before 21st May…hehehehehehe! Never mind- we’re glad all is well.  I have, within this short period of time- grown to appreciate the efforts of all bloggers around the world in their bid to inform their readers on happenings around the world! “…I’m ma Blog-blog-blog no matter what!”

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